CV: Teaching & Presentations

Web 2.0 / Social Media

  • Best New Technologies: Keeping up with the Storm Teleconference / Discussion Leader, GA Libraries with Amy Watts, 2006 Examining the challenges of Web 2.0 followed with a discussion of current Web 2.0 technologies (social bookmarking, wikis & blogs) and their use in the UGA Libraries. Created a site of links. Available at: 

  • Blogging basics: Basic introduction includes what is a blog, a short history of blogging, and a brief overview of blog tools. (originally created as a word doc, published in its entirety at googledocs)

  • Cataloging is,GA Library Faculty meeting, 2007 Brief presentation on using bookmarking to pull together various links into a centralized page on the Cataloging Department’s website. Available at:

  • Direct link to the patron (Getting started blogging and with other web tools) (ppt) (originally conference presentation; updated 2007):  COMO (Council Of Media Organizations) / GLA (Georgia Library Association), with Amy Watts How can libraries use web based tools to market their services, educate their patrons, and provide value added services? An overview of the Libraries’ Blog and Report an Error mechanism. Includes overview of wordpress, movable type, expression engine, getting started blogging, and other web tools

  • Lip-smacking good: Web 2.0 technologies and your library blog, COMO (Council Of Media Organizations) / GLA (Georgia Library Association), 2007, with Amy Watts Covers a brief (very brief) overview of blogging plus using tools such as bookmarking (, image hosting (flickr), video hosting & videocasting (Youtube), widgets, and mashups.

  • Lots of Web 2.0 Links & Tools : Originally created for a presentation but has grown much beyond that. If you have a account, subscribe to the links to see updates.

  • News and Events (Blog) Project & Blog History Overview, UGA Libraries, DHG (Department Heads Group), 2005 Overview of blogs and blog history, summary of project process, and demo of the Libraries’ News and Events, a Wordpress blog. Available at:

  • Simplify Your Inbox: Making RSS Work For You (University of Georgia Libraries; Panel Discussion, 2008)  My discussion centered on using Google Reader and reducing email by using RSS feeds.
  • Web 2.0+ and Professional Networking: Are You LinkedIn? Panel Discussion (University of Georgia Libraries; Coordinator/Facilitator, 2008)  Social networking as used by those at the University of Georgia for professional networking purposes. Presentation also podcast.

  • Wordpress Overview (University of Georgia Public Relations Department, 2008) Overview of Wordpress and a discussion of some of their questions regarding how best to utilize Wordpress.
  • Wordpress vs. Blogger: Created as a spreadsheet comparing features. (originally created as a word doc, published at googledocs)

Other Writings

How to get web saavy quick : brief article on using free stuff on the web including email, image hosting, & more.
E-zine choices and comparison of software: includes drupal, pacercms, mambo/joomla, and many other products.
Making the connection online: social networking for artists

Databases, Cataloging, MARC, Metadata 

  • Bibliographic Data on the Semantic Web (University of Georgia Libraries Cataloging Group; discussion facilitator, 2009) Discussion on Martha Yee’s article on bibliographic data, RDA, and the Semantic Web.

  • Cataloging Fundamentals: Records and MARC, EDIT 6259: Technical Processing & Cataloging, Media Specialist program at Georgia College & State University, 2006 Presentation on record structure, data field elements for MARC, and the relationships between records and databases, with follow-up questions and answers session on cataloging practices, policies, and databases. Available at:

  • Cataloging Tools online: Free resources (University of Georgia System, Cataloging Committee, online/Wimba, 2009) Continuing education presentation on free cataloging resources.

  • Cataloging Tools Survey: Research in Progress (Academic Librarian Research Forum,  Georgia Tech; by invitation, 2009)  with  B. Thornton Overview of a 2008 survey of approximately 200 catalogers from variety of libraries across the United States. An article featuring the survey results will be submitted for publication later in 2009.

  • Issues in Cataloging and Bibliographic Maintenance, EDIT 6380: Cataloging, Media Specialist program at Gwinnett Campus/UGA, 2006 Presentation on academic cataloging as it relates to bibliographic maintenance within the UGA Libraries. Additionally, provided teaching assistance at follow-up hands on training session in creating MARC records.
  • Metadata for Catalogers: USG Continuing Education Program, 2009,  Presentation on metadata from the catalog to the web to popular social networking sites, such as flickr.

  • Reading the MARC Code: Secrets of the Cataloging Record, UGA Libraries’ S.T.E.P. (Staff Time & Enrichment Program) no. 3, with Beth Thornton, 2007
    Presentation on intricacies of reading a MARC record, its relationship to the Libraries’ catalog, GIL, as well as tips for interpreting the parts of a technical display of a bibliographic, holding, and item record in GIL. Includes a brief movie created to demonstrate the relationships between cataloging and various resources (Universal Catalog among GIL libraries; UGA Library catalog; Google books & more. This presentation is co-hosted on the statewide GALILEO site.
    Available at: or

Other Writings

Software, web design & the semantic web

  • Advanced PowerPoint: presentations that rock, UGA Libraries, Professional Development & Research Committee, 2008 Developed content and learning objectives, and lead a hands on class in creating PowerPoint presentations that incorporate animation, video, and interactivity. Available at

More writings, software tools & tips at