My interests are simple -- technology that works for and with us -- makes our lives easier, more interesting, more enriching -- the crossroads between humanity and technology. The potential that exists when technologies, resources, and media are combined -- be the end result a better library catalog, a customizable portal of all of MY resources, or a mixed media artwork incorporating natural and recycled manmade elements in a new way.

Some wonder how art and technology fit together. Yes, the structure of databases is fixed, but for those who have installed, upgraded, or migrated data, one of the first lessons learned is to be able to identify potential problems ahead of time. The second is to problemsolve when things go wrong (as they will). These are the days of perpetual beta... and problemsolving and being able to envision what the future versions may bring is critical. It's a collaborative effort -- we are building our future, a future that requires flexible thinking and a little bit of creativity.



Metadata, information architecture, web standards, usability, principles of good design, database products, Web 2.0/social networking tools, and using opensource software to extend the capabilities of web design and library systems.

Scripting & coding: Proficient (CSS, html); working knowledge and coding experience in php, javascript, xml, xhtml, rss feeds, fbml (facebook markup);

Metadata Experience in EAD, Dublin Core and LCSH metadata standards; SEO optimization/site analysis

Software Experience (Opensource & Proprietary): Productivity software (MS Office, PowerPoint, OpenOffice), graphics/web design/video products (Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator, IMovie, Ulead Video Editor), Databases (Access, MySql, Voyager/GIL, OCLC/Connexion, VuFind, and Sirsi Unicorn) and a variety of opensource and proprietary Web 2.0 technologies (blogs, wikis, bookmarking, shared applications, social networking, and widgets).

Work includes:


Web design work has included:

Additional projects:

:::ATHDrupal (Chair of regional Drupal group), Evergreen/Equinox Drupal Group, Emerging Technologies Group Chair (UGA Libraries), Emerging Technologies Faculty Learning Community Member (2008; UGA), Shift to Visual Learning Community Member, techstatic book reviewer (Web2.0, social networking, and programming topics; 2008); article in Radical Cataloging: Challenges and Possibilities; McFarland
::: Author of entries (Arts and Entertainment) for the New Georgia Encyclopedia.
::: Editor, Moonshine Arts Magazine ::: We Let the Dawgs Out Selected Artist / Cow parade event, design and artwork/large sculptures, with reproduction of designs in print, web, and various promotional items including minature reproductions, tshirts, etc.
:::Metadata & SEO freelance agent for various organizations for a variety of digital formats including images (photographs; maps) and mixed formats (electronic newspapers, multimedia websites, learning objects). Development of standards and identification of appropriate schemas and controlled vocabulary.
:::Peabody Awards Faculty Committee Member (Children's Television, Radio Documentary, Radio Entertainment; TV News) ::: Content Divergent


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Head, Database Maintenance, UGA, 2001-

CV: Teaching & Presentations

Web 2.0 / Social Media

Other Writings

How to get web saavy quick : brief article on using free stuff on the web including email, image hosting, & more.
E-zine choices and comparison of software: includes drupal, pacercms, mambo/joomla, and many other products.
Making the connection online: social networking for artists

Databases, Cataloging, MARC, Metadata 

Other Writings

Software, web design & the semantic web

More writings, software tools & tips at http://contentdivergent.blogspot.com/

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A link to my formal professional CV is here.

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