Hi & welcome!

A little about myself:

  • BA, in English
  • MLIS (Master of Library & Information Science)
  • Additional graduate level coursework in Instructional Design & Development, Computer Programming for the Web

Work has included 

  • Metadata work (ORBIS Cascade, LC, University of North Georgia, University of Georgia; University of Minnesota)
  • Web Development (ATCx3Consortia of Athens, Albany, Atlanta Technical Colleges, University of Georgia, Corporate and nonprofit clients)
  • Training (University of North Georgia, ATCx3 Consortia, University of Georgia, Brown University, Purdue University, SEFLIN, NEFLIN, among others)
  • Project Management (University of North Georgia, ATCx3 Consortia, University of Georgia, among others)

What else?

I run (sometimes), I instagram random things, and I like dogs and cats equally, much as I like technology and the arts. I am a DIYer, a maker, and I like to get stuff done. I'd like to think of myself as a pragmatic visionary - able to see the big picture, but understanding of the work that it will take to get there (and willing to put in the effort).