My experience ranges from academia to private sector; from libraries to corporate. As a creative technologist, I write, teach, and consult on web technologies, offering customized and personalized metadata training and customized technology solutions to libraries, nonprofits, and others. I believe in the power of education, learning, and access to technology to facilitate transformative change in individuals, groups, and communities, solving problems in innovative and creative ways.

I am keenly interested  in the  intersection between social and semantic web technology -- the crossroads between what we do and create; and how technology can be used to make our lives richer and more creative. We are all content creators - how can we harness the power of that knowledge and wealth of resources? Build it better, make it work for ALL of us. 

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Some of my workshops:

  • Metadata is Everywhere
  • What's up with XML?
  • Elevating your Data Management 
  • MARCEdit, Openrefine, & migration - oh my!
  • Linking the Semantic (Linked data & semantic web)
  • RDA: Under the Hood
  • Building an Institutional Repository from Scratch
  • Free on the Internet! Open Educational Resources in Higher Ed
  • Wordpress, Drupal, Omeka 

Publications :::New Encyclopedia of Georgia Author; Semantic Web Technologies and Social Search (2012); XML Quiz; Cataloging Tutorial (UGA Libraries, 2009-2012); Semantic & Social Web the podcast (ALA);  Lost in the Stacks Radio Appearances: Our Metadata Trail (mp3);  Handling New Media (mp3); The Semantic Web; Women in Tech (April 2017).  


::: Women in Technology Survey/Research, inprocess
::: Moonshine Arts Magazine (Developer/Editor), 2007-2009; 2018-
::: GEAR Developer/Portal Manager (Open Learning Objects Repository), 2013-2016
::: University of Georgia (UGA) Web Advisory Group 2009-2013
::: Drupal Exploration UGA Libraries, 2013
::: USG Web Editors Group, Founding member, 2014-
::: UGA EITS Mentor, 2011 (Invited technology mentor)
::: Digital Library of Georgia, Civil Rights Digital Library and GALILEO Knowledge Repository (project groups; metadata consultation);
:::Peabody Awards Review Committee Chair (Web/Public Service) 2009-2013

:::Tailored and customized learner centered training; Metadata & SEO freelance work (websites, digitized content (images & maps) and mixed formats (newspapers, multimedia, learning objects)). Development of standards and identification of appropriate schemas and controlled vocabulary Proficient in CMS systems (Wordpress, Drupal) and library catalog systems; data management tools: OpenRefine/Excel/CSV, MARCEdit;  Web:HTML/CSS3;  MySQL; XML; php & jquery; some Ruby on Rails. 

Other resources: My dossier at http://www.robinfay.net/cv (built in Jquery following the defined guidelines for a dossier for promotion; my rank at the University of Georgia was Librarian IV, the highest rank eligible) or  connect with me at about.me/robinfay to easily find me across social space. 

I am an Instagrammer, a Facebooker, a Tweeter, a Pinterester... find me everywhere as @georgiawebgurl.